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Current Staff:

Leanne Raw


Leanne Raw holds an interest in bio-inspired robotics, curiosity based and reinforcement learning and the utilisation of robotics for sports research and educational purposes. She specialises in mechatronic systems and control thereof.

Leanne teaches measurement and actuators, control in engineering systems and has taught mechanical design, computer integrated manufacture, robotics and digital electronics at UCT. She has also taught control systems and computer programming.


Previous Staff:

Hennie Mouton

A/Prof. Hennie Mouton

Hennie has an interest in multiple axis stabilisation and simulation which he currently applies to the study of the solar system. His speciality is in the field of control systems, a skill which he honed during his time working at Kentron/Denel Dynamics. Hennie teaches control systems and analog electronics at UCT.





Tracy Booysen

Tracy Booysen is currently interested in small rescue robots and legged walkers. She specialises in electro-mechanical systems and electronics. Tracy is presently based in France.