Research Projects

Robotics SA


This project is concerned about strengthening the Robotic Community in SA. Besides local activities in RoboCup (e.g. tournaments) a nationwide consortium is currently being founded: the South African Robotics Society. We are supporting this initiative.




Rescue Robots


Read more about the current state of the development of our Search&Rescue Robot project.

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Underwater Robots


It seems obvious to engage with underwater vehicles with two oceans around us in Cape Town. Commercial underwater robots also range in price starting from R3000 000. The lab decided to investigate building an underwater vehicle for much less initial cost that could travel 300m underwater. 

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Limbed Robots

Limbed robots have the advantage when it comes to climbing, jumping and manoeuvring in environments designed for humans which include obstacles such as stairs and various objects that may require manipulation by hands or feet for example, pedals or levers. Our laboratory seeks to further expand our understanding of this realm of locomotion.

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