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Underwater Robotics

Underwater inspection is incredibly useful for research and conservation purposes. Biodiversity of marine life is present at all depths including those that divers cannot reach.

Remotely Operated Vehicles or ROV's are underwater vehicles that are operated from research vessels to inspect dangerous and deep areas of the ocean without endangering human lives. Some ROV's collect samples from these deeper areas.

ROV's can be purchased however the cost of purchasing them can be prohibitive. The Seahog is an ROV is pressure tested to 400m but rated for 300m. It is designed to be low cost when compared to other commercial options.

The Seahog comes with five magnetically coupled thrusters, three sets of lights, a camera and an ultrasonic transducer. The cover acts as a protection device and also renders the Seahog slightly positively buoyant. Further development is underway developing a gripper and more advanced stability control.